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Impact Business Law provides accessible, quality, legal services for Alberta businesses and social enterprises from start-ups to SMEs.

We work with you to meet your immediate legal needs related to structure, business relationships, transactions, policies, opportunities, and risk mitigation. Impact Business Law is also your advisor for the long term, advising companies on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies as a part of enterprise risk management and opportunity identification.






Enterprise set-up

Incorporation, structuring, B-Corp certification, founder and shareholder agreements, seed financing agreements


Day-to-day business

Employment contracts, service agreements, privacy policies, ESG policies, employment policies



Financing, asset protection, purchase and sale, business restructuring



Board policies, codes of conduct

ESG LAW (Environmental, Social & Governance)

ESG strategy and reporting

ESG strategy process, ESG policies, ESG reporting


Business & human rights

Site assessments, procurement policies, supply chain disclosure


Workplace safety

Workplace assessments, investigations, respectful workplace policies

Easily accessible law services to help your business grow and thrive.